Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Make 2009 a Year of Science

Polls indicate that national scientific literacy is low in the United States. In an effort to engage and teach the public about scientific activities and research, the Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) was formed between universities and colleges, scientific organizations, businesses, media, and museums and libraries. The group is planning the 2009 Year of Science showcase as part of their effort.

Local participants include the Science Center of Pinellas County and the Pinellas County Environmental Land Division. Some planned activities for the year include the following:

  • AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest
  • Cafe Scientifique
  • Darwin Day
  • Launch of the Understanding Science Web site
COPUS is looking for more participants and events to make this a real national occasion. I think it would be excellent if NAS registers any events that they have planned, and perhaps even plan some events in conjunction with other local participants.

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