Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy 100 Posts!

This is my one hundredth blog posting! I am very pleased with the blog so far. I have a few subscribers, and more importantly, I get a fair number of hits every day (~15-20). I write this blog solely for the Natural Science students and faculty at Eckerd so I am continually surprised by hits from places as far away as South Africa. This month, my location statistics show visitors from the following locations:

Alluvia + Ann Arbor + Auburndale + Bethesda + Bronx + Calcutta + Chandler + Cloverdale + Columbia + Columbus + Corpus Christi + Dallas + Denver + Duluth + Fairfax + Fort Collins + Fort Lauderdale + Greensboro + Halifax + Houston + Istanbul + Kettering + Knoxville + Lethbridge + Los Angeles + Marquette + Miami + Minneapolis + New Delhi + New Westminster + New York + Oakland + Orlando + Palmetto + Parkersburg + Pécs + Raleigh + Rancho + Cucamonga + Riyadh + Saint Petersburg + Saint-Orens-de-Gameville + San Diego + San Leandro + Seattle + Silver Spring + Toronto + Tyler + Uniontown + Whitefield + Woods Cross

Here are some blog facts:
  • Month after month the most read posts are Science Tattoos and Vote for the Cutest Baby Animals. Tattoos and baby animals generate big love.
  • The strangest comment I have gotten so far is by anti-war protester. I am not sure which organization refused to let Ron Paul speak. His comment was after a post on Thomson ISI, but maybe he meant Eckerd. However, to my knowledge, no candidates spoke at Eckerd. Also, just to clarify, anti-war protester says "You call yourself a scientist." I do not call myself a scientist. I am a librarian, a librarian for the Natural Sciences, true, but that does not make me a scientist. ;)
  • I know it's a small world because Professor Grove mentioned that I wrote a post about a former professor of his, Orville L. Chapman, in the post Peer review for students.
  • I was very excited when Reuven Walder, Director for The Marine Photobank, thanked me for a "fantastic summary" on the Marine Photobank in the post, Marine photos available for educational use. Coincidentally, this month that post had 40 views, up 54% from last month.

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Devin said...

Congratulations from the Marine Photobank on reaching 100 posts and on the growing success of the blog! Keep up the good work.

Reuven Walder
Director of the Marine Photobank