Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Presentation on Open Science Notebook

Jean-Claude Bradley, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Drexel University, spoke on Open Science Notebook at the 5th Annual Scholarly Communication Symposium: Scholar2Scholar: How Web 2.0 is Changing Scholarly Communication. The webcast for this presentation is available for free. This presentation focuses on the use of open application for science collaboration and dissemination. Bradley's work involves the synthesis of new anti-malarial agents. He glosses over the research itself, however those interested can reach his experiments via his open notebook.

He touts openness as a way to make experimentation easier through collaboration. In addition, the data published can be used by other researchers to, for example, create their own hypothetical models. Another way such information is being used is for classroom lab components that can be cross-referenced with the experimental process reported originally.

Bradley also discusses how the technology is useful for keeping records and noting changes to experiments, promoting funding efforts, and discussing peer-reviewed literature. In addition, through the use of open technologies, dissemination is done through large engines like Google.

The webcast is about 30 minutes with corresponding slides.

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Jean-Claude Bradley said...

Thanks for highlighting my presentation Keri!