Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Web resources for science topics

A consortium of seven UK universities has put together Intute, which is a collection of vetted, educational Internet resources in many topics. There are many useful resources to be explored for science students. Subject booklets have been created in Science and Technology and Health and Life Sciences. Each booklet contains an annotated bibliography of web resources.

In the Science and Technology section, the following booklets are available:

  • Internet resources for environmental science
  • Internet resources for materials engineering
  • Internet resources for environmental engineering
  • Internet resources for physics
  • Internet resources for chemistry
  • Internet resources for computing
In the Health and Life Sciences section, the following booklets are available:
  • Internet resources for biological sciences
  • Internet resources for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Internet resources for animal health
  • Internet resources for physiotherapy and orthopaedics
  • Internet resources for agriculture, food and forestry
  • Internet resources for healthcare and medicine
Many of the resources are international or British organizations, which may help expand your personal favorite sites list beyond the United States.

Another valuable resource at Intute is the Virtual Training Suite. The VTS offers tutorials on conducting research on the Internet in a number of different scientific, social science and humanities disciplines. First the tutorials give you a "tour" of the best available. As you read about sites, you can add the ones that interest you to your own "basket."Next there is a research section that offers information on finding and evaluating sites. Finally you can read success stories on how others use the Internet effectively. At the end you can add the links you collected in your basket to your favorites, or you can email or print them off.

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