Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The best of algal blooms

If you're a marine science or environmental studies student interested in marine issues, and you are not familiar with SeaWeb, I would like to introduce you to this excellent resource via algal blooms. Red tide...It's something we know well here on the coast. A family I know lives on Boca Ciega Bay, and a bad red tide can mean dead fish on their little beach, horrendous smells, and more.

SeaWeb was mentioned in another recent blog post, as the sponsor of the the Marine Photobank. SeaWeb is a nonprofit working for healthy oceans. The Web site is full of information and resources, such as its program "Too precious to wear," which highlights the plight of corals being used for jewelry and furniture accessories.

One of my favorite resources offered by SeaWeb is Ocean Citations. Ocean Citations lists literature on topics dealing with marine and coastal environmental issues. The 2007 list on algal bloom contains 17 citations from high-profile journals such as Limnology and Oceanography and Ambio. At least 3 of the articles study Florida and the marine areas near Eckerd. Other topics for citations include marine mining, introduced species, fisheries, and more. What an easy way to find specific resources!

In addition, users can sign up to receive updates on citation lists and others valuable resources. If we don't own a journal, remember you can always order the article on interlibrary loan. Take a moment to check out the best of 2007 in algal bloom literature and surf around SeaWeb to see how it can help you in your studies.

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