Thursday, October 4, 2007

Computational Science for the classroom

Computational Science Education Reference Desk (CSERD) is dedicated to introducing students to computational science, especially through its use in the classroom. According to CSERD, computational science involves the use of a computational architecture in combination with an algorithm to solve a scientific problem. For a more thorough definition, as well as a model, see the article from CSERD at CSERD is a partnership of National Science Digital Library, the Virtual Reference Desk, and the Gateway to Educational Materials.

At the CSERD site (, both students and faculty can browse resources by subject, educational level, resource type, audience, or any configuration of these. In addition to providing resources, CSERD offers the opportunity for students and/or faculty to review and add resources. Once a user registers at no cost, they are able to conduct the following tasks:

Ask and answer questions in the forum.
Review material in the catalog.
Add items to the catalog.
Submit modules to be included in CSERD's resources.
Submit in depth verification, validation, and accreditation reviews.

CSERD tracks user participation and will submit letters to appropriate administrators regarding contribution.

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