Thursday, December 6, 2007

Global Climate Change talks

I wish I could have reported this to you sooner because some of the talks have already passed. Nature is hosting a Global Climate Change Series in Second Life, the online world being used for just about everything from art exhibits to scholarly lectures, and a whole lot more (there is even a library island staffed with real reference librarians in Second Life). Nature's space in Second Life, aptly called Second Nature, has two more speakers coming in this series:

  • Tues 11th Dec, 6pm GMT, 10am PST, SLT
    Dr Simon Buckle, Director of Policy at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change
  • Thur 13th Dec, 5pm GMT, 9am PST, SLT
    George Monbiot, Guardian columnist and author of Heat: How we can stop the planet burning.
Fly your avatar out there for what I expect will be fascinating lectures.

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