Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Book a time for Spring instruction

Desperate Winter Term students are finishing up their Comprehensive Exams. The Spring Semester is right around the corner. As you finalize your syllabi, remember to include library instruction. I prefer to design instruction around your class assignments so give me a call or send me an e-mail so we can chat. The library classroom is already being booked so if you want to have your preferred time, get in touch with me as soon as possible. However, instruction is most effective when it can be immediately applied to an assignment. If your major research paper is not due until the end of the term, you may want to put off instruction for a month or so. Or plan two instructions, one as an introduction and then a refresher/Q&A class when your students are in the midst of the assignment.

Update January 29, 2008: I am pleased that many NAS professors have already booked their classes. Anyone else who might want a class--in February at least--should let me know as soon as possible as the lab schedule is filling up.

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