Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Catching up with APA

I have designed a electronic crib sheet for the new APA style. It has the most commonly used references types. The manual, available for use in the library, includes many more citation examples, such as grey literature, white papers, and government reports. The electronic guide, however, should prove useful while writing papers late at night. To find the guide on the library home page, click on Reference Shelf--> and then scroll down to citation styles. The direct link is http://www.eckerd.edu/library/apa.php


Dominic Farace said...

Hi Keri,

White papers and government reports are traditional types of grey literature.

Keri Logan said...

Thanks for your comment, and of course, you are right! I wasn't sure if all students knew that though, and I wanted a student who had a government report to know they could come to the library.