Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welcome Freshmen!

NAS Library News blog is back in session, and I would like to welcome the more than 450 new students joining the Eckerd community. Autumn Term is such an amazing time when only new Freshmen are here, getting to know us and each other, forming friendships that will last for throughout your time at Eckerd and into the future. Many people will be giving you advice on how to navigate this shortened Autumn term, how to divide your time between parties and studies, but I suspect only a librarian would bother to give advice about the library. So here I go:

We love you guys! Our favorite thing in the world is helping you with your studies, from picking supplemental reading to finding peer-reviewed article to discussing pets, food, crafts, whatever interests you. Come say hi to your librarians, introduce yourself, and then you'll feel more comfortable when the pressure is on. Remember that the many of the research practices from high school are inappropriate now that you are in college. We can help!

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