Friday, August 29, 2008

The start of another year...

Welcome back upperclassmen! We have had a wonderful, if somewhat stormy, Autumn term with the class of 2012, and now I am excited to have the rest of you back on campus.

As usual, I want to remind you to come see me for any help with research. I have migrated my old Web site to the Eckerd Academic wiki and added some new content. There is a page about writing and citing, a few video tutorials for finding books, course guides, information on Interlibrary Loan, and I hope to add a few more tutorials, such as Finding Full Text.

There are a few ways to access the wiki.

  1. Directly:
  2. Go to the library home page (, click on STAFF, click on KERI LOGAN.
  3. Go to the Eckerd Academic wiki through myEckerd, click on NAS LIBRARY GUIDES in the left navigation bar.
Enjoy your last weekend before classes start Monday. Eckerd has some fun activities planned. See you soon!

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