Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Social networking growing for scientists?

I have to admit that I personally have doubts about the effectiveness of social networking. I have declined several invitations to join LinkedIn in the past few months. However, I suspect that it is a facet of my personality rather than lack of value within the products themselves. For me, cultivating an online network requires time and effort that I personally tend to expend elsewhere. However, I was very interested to find that quite a few scientific social networks have been developed since I last looked into that sort of thing.

  • Lasilio has a literature search component.
  • Bamboo has liberal arts institutions as part of its focus.
  • Ologeez has a great name and is tied to Pubmed
  • Scilink has more than 40,000 members.
  • and there are so many more
These networks are discussed by Gerry McKiernan, librarian at Iowa State University, in his blog, SciTechNet.

Do check out these networks if you're so inclined, and let the Eckerd community know which you have joined by leaving a comment here.


Ray said...

Keri - Social networking is useless for getting a job. About.com added Linkedin to their famous Top 10 Job site list and it is the first and only social network on the top 10 job site list, the 3 new sites are:


Whole top 10 list here:

Keri Logan said...

Thank you for your interest Ray, but I was commenting on social networking sites for scientists to connect with others doing similar research or for students to see where researchers work, for grad school purposes.

However, I am sure some students will be looking for jobs as well and will appreciate your list.

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