Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Book Profile: Encyclopedia of Tidepools & Rocky Shores

This summer we began a large project weeding old reference know, those encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and the like. We also ordered some new ones. Therefore, in the coming weeks, my new book profiles will focus on our new reference books.

Title: Encyclopedia of Tidepools & Rocky Shores (REF QH541.5.S35 E53 2007)
Series: Encyclopedias of the Natural World, Vol. 1
Editors: Mark W. Denny and Steven D. Gaines
Publisher: University of California Press
Year: 2007
705 pages

Written for an interested general audience, this work covers geology; oceanography; weather and climatology; plants, algae, fungi and microbes; invertebrates and vertebrates; ecology; behavior; physiology and ecophysiology; human uses and interactions; and finally research and methodology as they pertain specifically to rocky shores. The encyclopedia was added to our collection at the request of Prof. Szelistowski in the Marine Sciences. Entries begin with an introduction to the topic and continue with several subtopics. In addition, articles contain cross referencing, referring readers to other articles in the volume that are similar in topic. A bibliography for further reading ends each entry. Writing is very clear and most entries are accompanied by excellent full color photos and graphs. This volume will serve as a thorough introduction for Marine Science students researching new, unfamiliar topics, as well as a jumping off point for student looking for their next research topic.

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