Sunday, October 12, 2008

Online tutorial for finding full text

Finally the long-awaited tutorial for finding full text is complete. I decided to try my hand at this online tutorial because finding the full text is one of the challenges that plagues nearly every student with whom I speak. Although, it was a multi-step process in the old days (when I was an undergrad), students seem baffled that it remains a multi-step process. Everything should be instantaneous. I think it comes from confusion and surprise that students have when they learn information is not free, and information that is free may not be the kind you can use. And I get it. I think it should all be free also. Unfortunately until then, we have to deal with different vendors and services to provide information. And that means several steps to find what you need. I hope this tutorial will prove useful for finding full text at Eckerd. I admit, it's not the shortest tutorial ever, but I think it is thorough. I really want you to understand that we have access to many more articles than what you can find in the full text databases. It has been tested by a few people, however if you find a problem, please let me know.

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