Monday, October 6, 2008

Open Courses from around the world

When I was in library school, I learned of the Open Courseware Consortium. I thought the Eckerd community might be interested. Listed on the site are colleges and universities that offer open courseware, which is defined as

free and open digital publication of high quality educational materials, organized as courses.

Institutions from around the world offer free coursework, which include presentations, readings, video, and more. Some of the participating schools from the United States with science content are the following:
  • MIT
  • Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  • UC Berkeley
  • College of Eastern Utah
and more.

Probably the last thing you want to do in your free time is more coursework, but this could be an opportunity to learn something not offered here, to gauge interest before taking a graded course at Eckerd, or to brush up on skills before going into a more advanced course.

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Mike Caulfield said...

Thanks for the link, Keri, we appreciate it. It's worth noting too that we're growing very quickly, and interested in getting schools like Eckerd to join our movement -- both as producers and consumers of OCW.

Thanks again for the link!

Mike Caulfield
Director of Community Outreach
OpenCourseWare Consortium

(mike at ocwconsortium dot org)