Thursday, August 23, 2007

New interface for Web of Science

ISI Web of Science has thoroughly updated its user interface. Presently, the old version and the new version are running concurrently. To access the new version, you have two choices:

1. Go to the library home page. Choose "Web of Science" from the drop-down menu QUICK JUMP: GO DIRECTLY TO A DATABASE. Once you have entered the old version, click the button on the top of the screen to access the new version.

2. Use the following URL from a computer on campus:

Upon entering the new version, the most noticeable feature is the availability of several search boxes (Figure 1). In addition, additional databases, such as ISIHighlyCited are no longer present on the introductory page. To access additional resources, one must use the “Additional Resources” tab. The new interface implemented by ISI Web of Science mimics some familiar databases owned by Eckerd College, such as Wilson’s General Science Full Text. The drop-down menu to the right of the search boxes allows the user to choose specific options, such as topic, author, language, and several more.

Figure 1. Initial search interface for the new version of Web of Science (click to see a larger image)

In addition, the results screen offers more new elements (Figure 2). A sidebar easily allows you to refine your results by subject areas, document types, authors, and more. An “Analyze Results” buttons provides a bar graph of your results filtered by your choice of data.

Figure 2. Results screen

Web of Science vendor Thomson Scientific is offering recorded training demos that you must sign up to access at In addition, I have acquired some Powerpoint slides on the new interface, which I can send to you if you email me: Don’t forget, though, your friendly librarian is always available to give instruction to you or your classes!

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