Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Scifinder Scholar 2007 expands search features

The 2007 version of Scifinder Scholar has a number of new features to simplify your research process. Now when you locate a substance, you can extend your search by clicking on the structure.

In this screenshot, by clicking on cyclobutane, a drop-down menu for a number of search possibilities appears. By choosing, “explore” or “refine” you will automatically open the drawing window where you can alter the chemical structure to conduct more searches. The drop-down also offers you a number of other options. For example,

when you click on references, you are offered choices to create a more precise search (as seen below). Using the provided subject categories, one can search cyclobutane associated with adverse effect, including toxicity.

Another new feature is categorize. The categorize feature will analyze the subject terms of references you have retrieved and provide bar graph analysis per subject word. Using this analysis, you can combine subcategories to further refine your search. Scifinder Scholar has provided a PDF documenting slides on these new features. To access the slides, click here.

In addition, to sign up for webinars from the vendor, visit here.

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