Thursday, September 27, 2007

Endnote Web available to Eckerd

Endnote Web is a bibliographic citation manager available within Web of Science (Science Citation Index). As a web-based application, it is available from any computer, and it easily integrates with Endnote on your desktop. Use of Endnote Web requires a FREE registration through Web of Science. As long as you are affiliated with Eckerd, this account will remain available to you. It can hold up to 10,000 references.

Once you have logged into your account, you can import references from Web of Science seamlessly. However, you can also import from other databases. Generally this involves saving the reference as a text file, and importing, using one of the provided filters within Endnote Web. The filters correspond to individual databases. In addition, the option to enter references by hand is also available.

After importing references, they can be arranged in folders that you have created. References can be stored in one, or more than one folder, when applicable.

Endnote Web will utilize stored references to create a bibliography. The bibliography will be output according to your specifications: the folder you choose, the style you choose, and the output format you choose. More than 100 journal styles are available for your choice, as well as more encompassing styles, such as ACS or APA. The same folder of references can be formatted for one journal style and then reformatted for another. In addition, bibliographies can be output as HTML, rich text, or plain text.

A final feature available with Endnote Web is the Cite While You Write downloadable plug-in for Microsoft Word. This will allow you to add citations directly into your text, which will be formatted by the program. Then the citations are used to create you bibliography. This eliminates common mistakes, such as spelling an author's name one way in the text and another in your reference list. In addition, using this software, you will know that all references you cited are in the bibliography.

Personally, I am a fan of Refworks, another Web-based bibliographic utility, but it is not free. This program comes with our Web of Science package and can be used by all students and faculty. I am available for training on this utility. Just give me a call!

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