Monday, September 24, 2007

Free tutorial covers academic publishing process

More on publishing...PRIMO, the Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online Site of the Month, chose Publish, Not Perish for August. This tutorial was created by librarians at the University of Colorado. Five modules address the oft-confusing world of scholarly publishing. Module 1 covers the scholarly communication field as a whole, spending extra time on new business models, such as open access. This module would be helpful for undergraduate students, as well as grads and new faculty. It gives an overview of the types of journals and journal articles that are being published, and that a student might access for class research. Modules 2 to 5 move from the broad overview into process-based approach for publishing. These sections of the tutorials are better suited for graduate students and new faculty who plan to publish soon. Tips include better ways to manage your time, how to conduct journal research, and where the ideas come from. The final module offers advice on how to create a personal publishing plan. This can help modulate fear and provide a working goal. The tutorial will take at least an hour to complete so set aside some time to work through the exercises. To access Publish, Not Perish, visit At the start of the tutorial, you are asked to enter your campus information. People not affiliated with University of Colorado can put "Other" and then the name of their own institution. There is no charge for the tutorial.

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