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Eckerd Library's Women in Science

In honor of women's history month, I present you with materials available from Eckerd on women in the sciences:


"Racial" economy of science : toward a democratic future. Harding, S. G. Call Number: Q 175.55 R3 1993

A Question of identity : women, science, and literature. Benjamin, M. Call Number: PN 56 W64 Q47 1993

Athena unbound : the advancement of women in science and technology. Etzkowitz, H. Call Number: Q 130 .E85 2000

Common science? : women, science, and knowledge. Barr, J. Call Number: Q 181 .B324 1998

Death of nature : women, ecology, and the scientific revolution. Merchant, C. Call Number: Q 130 M47 1989

Female-friendly science : applying women's studies methods and theories to attract students. Rosser, S. V. Call Number: Q 181 R683 1990

Feminist approaches to science. Bleier, R. Call Number: Q 175.5 F46 1986

Gender and career in science and engineering. Evetts, J. Call Number: TA 157 E89 1996

Has feminism changed science? Schiebinger, L. L. Call Number: Q 130 .S29 1999

Hypatia's heritage : a history of women in science from antiquity through the nineteenth century. Alic, M. Call Number: Q 130 A48 1986b

Journeys of women in science and engineering : no universal constants. Ambrose, S. A. Call Number: Q 130 .J68 1997

Ladies in the laboratory? : American and British women in science, 1800-1900 : a survey of their contributions to research Creese, Mary R. S. Call Number: Q 141 .C69 1998

Lifting the veil : the feminine face of science Shepherd, L. J. Call Number: Q 130 S48 1993

Love, power, and knowledge : towards a feminist transformation of the sciences. Rose, H. Call Number: Q 130 R673 1994

Reflections on gender and science. Keller, E. F. Call Number: Q 175 K28 1985

Science question in feminism. Harding, S. G. Call Number: HQ 1397 H28 1986

Scientific pioneers : women succeeding in science. Tang, J. Call Number: Q 130 .T36 2006

Sex and scientific inquiry. Harding, S. G. O. B., Jean F. Call Number: HQ 1397 .S49 1987

The mind has no sex? : women in the origins of modern science. Schiebinger, L. L. Call Number: Q 130 S32 1989

Uneasy careers and intimate lives : women in science, 1789-1979. Abir-Am, P. G. Call number Q 130 U525 1987

Whose science? Whose knowledge? : thinking from women's lives. Harding, S. G. Call Number: Q 130 H37 1991

Woman in science : with an introductory chapter on woman's long struggle for things of the mind. Mozans, H. J. Call Number: Q 130 .Z35 1991

Women and science : the snark syndrome. Byrne, E. M. Call Number: Q 130 B97 1993

Women in science : 100 journeys into the territory Gornick, V. Call Number: Q 130 .G67 1990

Women in science : meeting career challenges. Pattatucci, A. M. Call Number: Q 130 .W655 1998

Women in science : token women or gender equality? Stolte-Heiskanen, V. Call Number: Q 130 W659 1991

Women of science : righting the record. Kass-Simon, G. F., Patricia. Call Number: Q 130 W67 1990

Recommended by Prof. Ormsby

A mile in her boots: women who work in the wild Call Number: HD 6095 .M49 2006

Women pioneers for the environment. Mary Joy Breton. Call Number: GE 55 .B74 1998


A to Z of women in science and math Call Number: Q 141 .Y675 1999

American women in science : 1950 to the present : a biographical dictionary Call Number: Q 141 .B254 1998

The biographical dictionary of women in science : pioneering lives from ancient times to the mid-20th century Call Number: Q 141 .B5285 2000

Women in science : antiquity through the nineteenth century : a biographical dictionary with annotated bibliography Call Number: Q 141 O34 1986

Secret of Photo 51 Ask at Circulation Desk

Women in science College Program Series Library Archives, ask for Cathy McCoy during business hours

I was also going to find online resources, but this excellent blog, Women in Science, by Peggy links to so many resources, it seemed redundant for me to duplicate it.


Title: Mentornet supports women in science - E-mentoring website is dedicated to furthering women's progress in science and technology
Author(s): Marasco CA
Volume: 83 Issue: 20 Pages: 55-+ Published: MAY 16 2005

Title: Women in science in Germany
Author(s): Costas I
Volume: 15 Issue: 4 Pages: 557-576 Published: DEC 2002

Title: Employment in the Life Sciences: A Mixed Outlook
Source: BioScience
Volume 55, Issue 10 (October 2005) pp. 879–886
DOI: 10.1641/0006-3568(2005)055[0879:EITLSA]2.0.CO;2

A search on terms like women, females, gender differences, sex differences, science, (different scientific disciplines), careers, jobs, research, graduate school, school, etc. will yield more articles in databases such as General Science Full Text, Web of Science, and so on.

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