Monday, March 17, 2008

The Emerald Isle, for how long?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The day when green is everywhere: clothes, hats, beer, cookies, the U.S., we turn anything green that we are able to dye. Unfortunately, the incredible greenness of the island that inspires the celebrations may be disappearing. The Irish American Climate Project has released a report on the state of Ireland's environment, which is downloadable at the Web site. In the report, filmmaker Dermot Somers, discusses the impact of a new climate on Irish culture:

We have been used to a slowness, a kind of seeping absorption, followed by a slow release of light and sensory images. That’s what Irish lyric poetry expresses, what sean-nós singing evokes. It’s the timelessness of events and sensations, and then the slow release of them into emotional perception by people. I would be very worried about the harshness of sudden change affecting that.

The report calls for those concerned with the fate of Ireland to consider the impact of their environmental choices. On this day, your celebration might include reflection on your own efforts to avert the climate crisis.

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