Monday, March 24, 2008

Tibet, a personal note

This blog is dedicated to information and resources for science students and faculty. I usually don't do personal. However, I promised to spread the word on this, and I thought the blog might help. Some of my readers are aware that I spent 10 months in India teaching English to Tibetan refugees. Also, my former husband, Lobsang Dhondup (see picture), is a Tibetan refugee, born in Lithang in the Kham province (Sichuan province in Chinese). He crossed the Himalayas on foot more than 10 years ago, and just passed his U.S. citizenship test a few weeks ago. There are thousands of troops in his hometown and Chinese "government control is absolute" (as reported by National Public Radio). He cannot reach his family because land and cell service has been cut off (as reported by Radio Free Asia).

On his behalf and the behalf of other Tibetan friends, I would ask you to consider signing a letter to the International Olympic committee from Students for a Free Tibet.

Other ways to take action are listed by the Government of Tibet in Exile:

In addition, there are more than 100 books on various aspects of Tibetan history, religion, and culture in our library. Tibet is a distant and almost mythical country. Take some time to learn more about it. A book that I enjoyed that is not available at our library is Princess in the Land of Snows.

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